Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Basement Rec Room

Can you believe I am finally posting photos of our new rec room? I like to keep people in suspense! Let me give you a little background info first. Our house was built in 1917 and the basement consisted of six creepy rooms. I, having watched way too many horror movies, refused to enter two of these rooms. My husband removed a few walls and we now have a storage room, utility room, and rec room. We already have a playroom on our first floor, but we really needed a space where the boys could be more active. Wisconsin winters are long and the summers are hot, especially without air conditioning. This is a space where they can run, play, be loud, and be messy.

We sprayed the cinder block walls with texture and chose 1/2 inch foam mats for the floor. We bought ours here. Recessed lighting will hold up nicely to any "wild" ball games.

Things To Do:
* Many of our items were given to us years ago or were bought at thrift stores, but I tried to link to similar items for you. The stage is made out of a pallet and a pair of curtains that hang on a clothesline in the corner. If you use a pallet, make sure you know what it was used for. It needs to be clean and free of chemicals.

I love how the climbing holds look and feel like actual rocks. The kids love to see if they can make it all the way across, but making the corner can be a little tricky. The adults love trying it too!
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