Welcome to a chic farm life.  My husband and I bought an old farmhouse 7 years ago and have been renovating it ever since.  My husband is an engineer and the handiest guy I know and I am an interior designer and pretty handy myself.  We are also super thrifty which makes for some interesting house projects.
I am a Midwest girl who loves hiking through the woods as much as I love a day at the spa.  I am addicted to chocolate and chai tea.  I am hanging on tight to the simple things in life like actual books with worn pages and a slightly musty smell or a glass of real lemonade on a hot day.  I believe children should play in the dirt, climb trees, jump in puddles, make forts, and eat their veggies right from the garden.
This blog compiles my favorite things in life; family, design, and simple country living.


                                                                                                 Kristin Schroedl

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