Monday, March 4, 2013

Bedroom Switcharoo

Do you have an area of your house that always seems to turn into a dumping zone?  Please tell me you do.  We had a spare bedroom that was filled with all of our misplaced furniture, empty boxes that I tell myself I may need in the future, the one Halloween decoration that I forgot to take down and didn't see until after get the picture.  Well, last week Bean decided he wanted that room.  Brady and I pointed out that it was smaller than his current room and the closet wasn't as nice, but Bean insisted that he and the spare room were meant to be together.  So I cleaned up my mess and he moved right in.

Sorry about the poor quality photos.  Bean was in a hurry to get the picture-taking done so he could play in his new room.  The maps on the walls are from the Target dollar bins and I had the poster frames laying around.  The red storage bench is from Walmart and holds his train track.  The jute rug was bought from Overstock.  The windows are going to stay bare since they look out on the woods and offer a very pretty view.  The silver lamp was only $35.00 at Home Depot and the easel was $2.00 at a Thrift store.  The old time pencil sharpener hanging on his desk came with the house.  Now I just need to find another place to hide all my boxes.

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