Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things To Teach Your Teen

I know so many parents who are taking their kids to college this week and they all seem to have the same concern.  Are their kids prepared for this next step in life?  Here is a list of some life skills I plan on teaching my teens someday. 

-How to cook the basics
-Grocery Shop
-Sew on a button
-Use a fire extinguisher and how to put out a kitchen fire
-Do laundry
-Perform CPR and basic first aid
-Balance a checkbook
-Use an ATM
-How to create a budget and stick to it
-Self defense
-How to save money
-Basics about circuit breakers and water shut off valves
-Internet and social media safety
-How to fix a running toilet
-How to navigate public transportation
-How to change a tire
-How to pump gas
-How to check the oil and washer fluid
-How to check the air in tires
-What to do if they are in a car accident

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